SilverWall – Harmony Συστατικό A


Colloidal silver containing 1500 ppm of surface functionalized Ag Nanoparticles dispersed in an aqueous solution.


Provides the basis for the development of nano-structured/composite polymer matrix.

Prohibits the development and proliferation of bacteria*, whereas combined use with other materials is also a strong contra-indicator for mold, fungi and algae.

Used as additive for construction products e.g. hygiene paints for ambient space and dry film protection. It provides long-lasting effects and guarantees the prevention and remediation of fungal growth throughout the coating’s life. Our unique Nano-Silverbased additive is odorless, eco-friendly and ensures excellent indoor air hygiene (no silver release), while inhibiting the growth of fungi, mold and other microorganisms on the coated surfaces.

* Silverwall Component A is not a biocide (in accordance to 528/2012/EC)


Download: Τεχνικό φυλλάδιο: Συστατικό Α



SilverWall – Harmony Συστατικό B


Salt solution used as a stabilizer for component A


SilverWall – Harmony Component B is used as a stabilizer for SilverWall – Harmony Component A stopping interaction between Component A and the coatings binder. Furthermore is designed to work in synergy with Component A providing long sanitary ambient space and antimould action.

It is specifically formulated to be color-stable in the presence of various elements that may be present in some paint formulations and that interact with the active ingredient and Component A. In synergy with Component A, they provide effective protection against spoilage from yeasts/moulds (fungi), algae, harmful bacteria and viruses, ultimately helping your paint or coating to minimize staining, bad odours and material degradation on any surface they are applied to.



Download: Τεχνικό φυλλάδιο: Συστατικό B

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