waterproofing materials-elastomeric coatings-for roofs-brushable-great bonding-high strength membrane-high elasticity for cracks and movement of substrates-white-grey-red-Vimelast


Brushable elastomeric waterproofing coating for roofs

Provides great bonding to all construction materials. Forms a uniform, waterproofing and high-strength membrane, without joints or seams. Its high elasticity bridges cracking and movement of substrates.

Diluted with water.

Colourings: white, grey and brick red

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Elastomeric hybrid water-proofing product for flat roofs with thermal insulation properties

An advanced, elastomeric, water-soluble coating that creates a water-proof, elastic membrane that can withstand circulation on terraces. It does not create a viscous surface and is not affected by pooling water. It is characterised by high reflectivity of solar radiation and a high heat emission coefficient, thus achieving classification among cold-thermal insulation paints.

(Certification by the Physics Applications Sector of UOA).

Shade: white

waterproofing materials-elastomeric coatings-for roofs and walls-great bonding to pressed water-high strength membrane-high elasticity-waterproofing-sun reflective protection-white-Hydrolast


Elastomeric waterproofing coating for roofs and walls.

Applied to all structural substrates providing great bonding to the side the water presses the construction elements. Creates a uniform elastic membrane which provides waterproofing and sun reflective protection.

Shade: white

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Flat roof polyurethane water-soluble waterproofing material

Used on all substrates (concrete, mosaic, cement tile, marble, ceramic tile) as a first waterproofing layer and to restore existing acrylic or polyurethane coatings. Ensures long-term protection of polyurethane insulation. It provides accessibility (high mechanical tolerance), resistance to time and pooling water and bridging of cracks 1.0 – 1.5 mm wide (exceptional elasticity).

Shade: white

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waterproofing materials-elastomeric paint-for outdoor absorbent and cracked walls-protection from sun on bituminous and insulation coatings-insulates roofs from asbestos cement-indoor application for wall wash


Waterproofing elastomeric paint

Waterproofs outdoor absorbent or/and cracked wall surfaces. Provides protection from sun on bituminous and insulation coatings (e.g. polyurethane). Insulates roofs from asbestos cement. Indoor application where frequent wall washing is being required. Diluted with water.

Shade: white

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Reflective (cold) elastomeric water-proofing dye with thermal insulation properties

It reflects and emits solar energy that affects the external walls, thus reducing their temperature, as well as the heat that penetrates inside the building.

(Certification by the Physics Applications Sector of UOA).

It provides water-proofing by bridging any hairline cracks on the surface.

Shade: white

waterproofing materials-water-resistant solvent based primer-for elastomeric waterproofings & paints-high penetration and bonding-stabilises & waterproofs rotten & porous substrates-no changes to final paints


Water-resistant solvent based primer for elastomeric waterproofings and paints

Ready to use primer which provides high penetration and bonding. Stabilises and waterproofs rotten and porous substrates. Does not change final paint.

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waterproofing material-transparent water-repellent coating-siloxane based-deep impregnation-no film creation-for concrete,stones,non glazed tiles,non painted plasters,tile joints-protects from salt & frost


Transparent water-repellent coating, siloxane based

Deeply impregnates the porous substrate and makes it long term water repellent, without creating a surface film. It is advisable for applications on fair faced masonry and concrete, non painted plaster, natural or artificial stones, non glazed tiles. Also suitable for waterproofing of tile joints. Protects from salts and frost damages which usually appear on wet surfaces.

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