waterproofing material-for basements & tanks-brushable waterproofing slurry-inorganic cement based-for high hydrostatic positive and negative pressure-for drinking water tanks-very high bonding to concrete


Brushable, waterproofing slurry

Inorganic cement based waterproofing slurry. Ensures full waterproofing in hydrostatic pressure of 15 m water column according to DIN 1048. It is absolutely safe for constant contact with drinking water. Suitable for applications in basements and tanks. Ideal for follow-up waterproofing of basements, applied to the internal, opposite side of water due to its high bonding to concrete. WATERBLOCK is only mixed with water, but constitutes component A in the flexible water-proofing system FLEXIBLOCK.

Colourings: grey, white

[ΕΝ 1504-2]

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waterproofing materials-two-component waterproofing mortar-brushable-powder & mixing resin-waterproofing membrane-high adhesion-ideal for internal waterproofing of basements-grey & white-Waterblock ST2K System


Brushable two component waterproofing mortar

Component Α: WATERBLOCK POWDER brushable waterproofing mortar

Component Β: WATERBLOCΚ RESIN mixing resin

In WATERBLOCK ST/2K system, mixing resin entirely replaces water. Thus becomes a non flexible waterproofing membrane presenting high adhesion ability, ideal for internal waterproofing of basements (negative water pressure). In general it is advisable for sealing and protection against natural and chemical impacts of the environment on masonry, plaster and concrete surfaces.

Colourings: grey, white

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Two-component flexible brushable water-proofing system

Component Α: WATERBLOCK brushable water-proofing slurry

Component Β: WATERFLEX elastifying agent

In the FLEXIBLOCK system, the elastifying agent fully replaces the mixing water. This creates a flexible, water-proofing membrane with excellent adhesion to the substrate. Used for external or internal water-proofing of basements. Recommended for inverted roofs and for applications below tile coatings. The FLEXIBLOCK System is certified for the coating of structural elements that are in constant water with potable water, such as piping or tanks.

Colourings: grey, white

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Two-component elastic brushable water-proofing slurry

A combination of the WATERBLOCK dry mix, waterproofing slurry and the VIMAFLEX elastifying agent at a 2:1 ratio, in a single, practical package.

Also available in two-component professional packaging.

Component Α: WATERBLOCK FLEX brushable water-proofing slurry

Component Β: WATERBLOCK FLEX elastifying agent-elastomeric emulsion

Mixing of two components does not need the addition of water. Thus becomes a flexible waterproofing membrane presenting high adhesion ability, ideal for surfaces that already have or are likely to have capillary cracking. Applied to the water pressure side (positive) as well as to the internal side (negative). Ideal solution for reversed roof insulations, plant stands, terraces and roofs under tile coatings.

Colourings: grey, white

[ΕΝ 1504-2]

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waterblock penetrate


In depth crystallizing waterproofing slurry

Waterproofs concrete surfaces with double action: coating and crystallizing of mass in depth. Waterproofing is not affected in case of coating damage. Seals cracks even if they occur afterwards. Applies to the positive or also to the negative side of the water pressure. It is suitable for applications on surfaces that come in contact with drinking water.

Colouring: grey

[ΕΝ 1504-2]

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waterproofing material-waterproofing siliceous impregnation dispersion-against moisture-for concrete & brick walls-also application as a primer for waterproofing slurry-barrier of rising damp-Waterblock SI


Waterproofing siliceous impregnation dispersion

Ideal against moisture using the method of impregnation on walls (concrete or bricks), either alone or as a primer for WATERBLOCK. Applied as a barrier of rising damp using the method of drilling. Its operation is based on the development of quartz crystals in the pores of the substrate.

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waterproofing materials-rapid setting cement-for instant sealing of water leaks-waterproofing of surfaces-fast repairs and fixings-mainly for concrete-waterfix


Rapid setting cement

For instant sealing of water leaks, waterproofing of surfaces, mainly concrete, which leak and fast repairs and fixings. Setting time increases dramatically by temperature decrease.

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