Two-component polyurethane varnish containing solvents

Highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation (no yellowing). Applied as a final protective coating to concrete, cement mortar, stone, decorative brick, wood, metal and polyester surfaces. It is particularly applicable as finishing for polished cement and as added protection for epoxy coatings of flooring and swimming pools. It seals – waterproofs balconies with ceramic tile or mosaic coatings without any aesthetic deterioration.

Shade / Gloss: transparent glossy (G) and matte (U)

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Two-component water-soluble polyurethane varnish

Highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation (no yellowing). Used as protective coating for coloured decorative cement, cement floors, stone and wooden surfaces. Thanks to the absence of solvents, it is applicable for indoor use.

Shade / Gloss: Transparent matte

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Polyurethane water-based primer

Applied to polished cement before sealing the surface with the VIMAPUR VARNISH and VIMAPUR VARNISH-W polyurethane varnishes. Does not yellow and prevents discolouration: The shade of the polished cement does not become darker. Diluted with water up to 15%.

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waterproofing material-PU-polyurethane-thinner-dilution of polyurethane waterproofing materials-also for airless spraying application-Thinner PU


Special thinner for polyurethane systems

Used to dissolve or dilute polyurethane materials and to clean tools.

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