The philosophy

VIMATEC – N. VIDALIS SA, founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995, constitutes a continuous developing company in the sector of production and trading of construction chemicals.

Due to the scientific cooperation of Chemistry and Building Construction, a new industry emerged known as Building Chemistry which today sets new rules and demands for moderate applications.

VIMATEC is regarded as an expert in this new industry due to the:

  • Extensive experience in the field.
  • Continuous communication with european centers of building chemistry development
  • Cooperation with relevant scientific research and test institutes

History &

VIMATEC-N. VIDALIS SA was founded in 1995 as a production and trading company in the field of construction chemicals, relatively new for Greece at the time.

Its founder, Nikos Vidalis, a civil engineer with a special love for construction, came into contact for the first time with modern repair materials (concrete adhesive resins, ready-mixed high-strength cement mortars, concrete improvers) when dealing with the repairs of buildings that suffered damage from the 1978 earthquake in Thessaloniki. This is how the idea of producing these materials as products of scientific research emerged and slowly matured in collaboration with institutes and laboratories in Greece and Germany, the country of studies of the founder of VIMATEC.

Vimatec's production facilities are located in Diavata on a site of 8,500 m2 with a covered area of 3,000 m2.The headquarters of the company are located in eastern Thessaloniki, facing the metro Station «Fleming». The privately owned space consists of a ground floor store and exhibition space with an underground warehouse and two floors of offices with a total area of 700 m2.



VIMATEC aspires to contribute to the continuous development of construction chemicals in Greece. The range of products is quite large and includes products of different composition, in liquid and powder form: additives to improve the properties and quality of concrete and mortars, waterproofing coatings for any application surface, ready-mixed repair mortars, tile adhesives, adhesives and organic external thermal insulation coatings etc. In addition to the production products, the company also has a series of complementary goods that are required for the constructions and that come from collaborations with domestic or foreign producers.

All VIMATEC products are targeted at the protection and improvement of constructions, therefore they are related to the development of the construction industry in which it participates in its own way and in the relevant to VIMATEC proportion.

It can respond immediately to specific qualitative and quantitative demands of its customers.

VIMATEC continuously invests in the renewal - modernization and expansion of its production equipment aiming at the optimal appearance of its products and the immediate service of its customers.

The company's short-term development plans focus on the creation of new products, increasing exports and developing the commercial network in new markets.

Exports are an important part of VIMATEC's activities. Its products are exported to Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Libya, Ukraine, Romania.

The company's goal is for its products to be found in the coming years in countries of the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar) and North Africa (Egypt, Morocco).


Services at the
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It's time to get rid of the humidity, heat and cold.



Reliable and specialized solutions for the construction or maintenance of commercial floors

Vimatec Exports

Vimatec is rapidly developing its extroversion. In the last five years, the company's exports have increased by more than 60%. The recognition of the quality of Vimatec's products and services at an international level brought the above result. Vimatec's export activity covers the Balkan countries, Cyprus, countries of the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and North Africa.

Official partners or exclusive distributors have established themselves in their markets both because of their own efforts and the excellent quality of our products as well as the technical and manufacturing solutions we provide.

Our goal is the continuous expansion of corresponding long-term partnerships in new markets around the world.

Thus in the medium term future we are intensifying our efforts to develop new partnerships in Russia, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia as well as in other Arab countries.

Every new communication in this direction makes us especially happy.

Certificate for EN ISO 9001 management system

Quality Policy

VIMATEC – N. VIDALIS S.A. is a continuously growing Company in construction chemicals industry that aims to contribute substantially to the design and implementation of constructions by:

  • the production of competitive, safe and high-quality products​
  • optimal and complete solutions from a technological and economic point of view
  • the continuous improvement of its productive performance
  • the continuous customer satisfaction
  • its consolidation in the international and domestic market.

For these purposes, a Quality Management System (QMS) is in place according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, on which the Company operates.

In the context of the proper implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS the Administration of the Company has established a Quality Policy under which it is bound in practice:

  • To ensure that the necessary conditions and resources are in place for the smooth implementation and continued improvement of the QMS
  • To proceed to any action that promotes quality
  • To ensure lasting and measurable improvement through the establishment, monitoring and review of the achievement of specific objectives
  • To comply with the applicable legislation and other requirements that it has accepted, related to its products and to demonstrate it through the monitoring of the production process and the results of laboratory tests of the quality control laboratory or other laboratories of recognized standing
  • To distinguish vision and Quality Policy for all staff
  • To provide to Company’s personnel all necessary training to meet the requirements of their job position
  • To keep its agreements with involved parts and take care to increase their satisfaction.



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