water reducer concrete plasticizer- vimarol


Water reducer – Concrete plasticizer

Also acts as waterproofing admixture

Reduces water permeability into concrete due to concentration optimisation and reduce of porosity. Also reduces mixing water and improves cement’s hydration.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 2]

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water reducer concrete plasticizer - Vimatol pl


Water reducer – Concrete plasticizer

It is used for preparing pumpable, fair-faced and high-strength concrete. Improves workability by reducing mixing water as well as cement’s hydration.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 2]

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concrete superplasticizer- water reducer- high range- vimatol spl


High range water reducer/ Concrete superplasticizer

It is used for preparing pumpable and fair-faced concrete with dense reinforcement or/and thin cross section. Reduces required mixing water during preparation and improves significantly workability of ready mixed concrete.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 3.1 and T 3.2]

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concrete retarder- vimachem rt


Concrete setting retarder

Its use is mandatory for the delivery of ready-mixed concrete especially under high temperatures. Allows continuous concreting, prevents creating of work joints and improves workability of concrete.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 8]

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concrete retarder- water reducer- plasticizer- vimatol rt


Concrete setting retarder – Water reducer/plasticizer

Combines desirable setting retardation to mixing water reduction possibility, therefore offers increase of final strengths and significant improvement of concrete workability.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 10]

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Concrete setting retarder – High range water reducer / Concrete superplasticizer

It is the ideal improving additive for ready mixed concrete.

Combines desirable setting retardation with mixing water reduction therefore offers increase of strengths or spectacular improvement of workability during concreting.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 11.1 and T 11.2]

waterproofing concrete admixtures- vimaproof c


Water resisting admixture for concrete

Causes chemically waterproofing of concrete’s and cement mortars’ cement pulp by blocking the capillary pores. Does not cause any reduction of concrete’s strengths.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 9]

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concrete hardening accelerator- vimatol be


Concrete hardening accelerator

Anti-freeze action for concreting at low temperatures. Combines degrading of water’s freezing point and developing of concrete’s early strengths so it can withstand the tensions developed by formatting ice expansion. VIMATOL-BE is used in general where setting acceleration after concreting is being required.

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 7]

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