VIMATEC – N. VIDALIS S.A. is a continuously growing Company in construction chemicals industry that aims to contribute substantially to the design and implementation of constructions by:

  • the production of competitive, safe and high-quality products
  • optimal and complete solutions from a technological and economic point of view
  • the continuous improvement of its productive performance
  • the continuous customer satisfaction
  • its consolidation in the international and domestic market.

For these purposes, a Quality Management System (QMS) is in place according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, on which the Company operates.

In the context of the proper implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS the Administration of the Company has established a Quality Policy under which it is bound in practice:

  • To ensure that the necessary conditions and resources are in place for the smooth implementation and continued improvement of the QMS
  • To proceed to any action that promotes quality
  • To ensure lasting and measurable improvement through the establishment, monitoring and review of the achievement of specific objectives
  • To comply with the applicable legislation and other requirements that it has accepted, related to its products and to demonstrate it through the monitoring of the production process and the results of laboratory tests of the quality control laboratory or other laboratories of recognized standing
  • To distinguish vision and Quality Policy for all staff
  • To provide to Company’s personnel all necessary training to meet the requirements of their job position
  • To keep its agreements with involved parts and take care to increase their satisfaction.


Certificate Management System EN ISO 9001