Our Company

VIMATEC – N. VIDALIS SA, founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995, constitutes a continuous developing company in the sector of production and trading of construction chemicals.

Due to the scientific cooperation of Chemistry and Building Construction, a new industry emerged known as Building Chemistry which today sets new rules and demands for moderate applications.

VIMATEC is regarded as an expert in this new industry due to the:

  • extensive experience in the field
  • continuous communication with european centers of building chemistry development
  • cooperation with relevant scientific research and test institutes


The Vision

VIMATEC aspires to contribute significantly in the planning and technological development of the building construction chemicals by:

  • producing competitive, easy to use and high quality products.
  • offering optimal and complete solutions from technological and financial perspective.
  • continuously improving it’s production standards.
  • continuous satisfaction of it’s customers.

Until today VIMATEC’s continuous growth and recognition in the competitive market, respectively confirms the vision to be considered among the market leaders in the construction chemicals industry.

It therefore constitutes the belief of the company which is passed on to the technical world and its collaborators that VIMATEC is always one step ahead.