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Brushable elastomeric waterproofing coating for roofs

Resin improved brushable cement mortar

[ΕΝ 1504-7]

Polypropylene fibres: three-dimensional secondary mortar reinforcement

[ΕΝ 14889-2]

Water reducer – Concrete plasticizer

[ΕΝ 934-2: T 2]

Thermal insulation board adhesive and base coat for external insulation systems (EIFS-WDVS)

[EN 998-1: GP-CS IV]

Elastomeric hybrid water-proofing product for flat roofs with thermal insulation properties

White emulsion paint for indoor and outdoor use

Dry-mix resin improved repairing cement mortar

[ΕΝ 1504-3: PCC/R2]